The Microscopic Diagnosis of Tropical Dieases

Book : The Microscopic Diagnosis of Tropical Dieases

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Published Date : 1955

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General Methods in Microscopy

Blood Films
Obtaining blood p.3 - Blood smears p. 3 - Fixation of smear p.4 - Field's staining method p.4 - Giemsa staining for blood and tissue smears p.5 - Wright's stain p.7 - Thick drop technique p.7 - Giemsa long staining method p.8 - Filaria in blood, wet preparations p.8 - Stained films p.9 - Concentration methods p.9

Stool examination
Protozoa p.10 - Wet preparations p.10 - Wet preparations plus iodine p.10 - Fixed preparations p.11 - Prep. of permanent slides p.11 - Fixing and staining p.11 - Heidenhain's staining p.11 _ Craig and Faust's staining p.12 - Mann's staining p.13 - Delafield's staining p.13 - Helminths, macroscopic examination p.14 - Concentration methods p.14 - Sedimentation p.14 - Centrifugation p.14 - Miracidia hatching test p.14 - sodium chloride p.15 - Zinc sulphate p.16 - Telemann's method p.16

General survey

Causative organisms and their microscopical demonstrations:
Malari (Plate I)
Plasmodium vivax (Plate II upper half / Plate IV upper half)
Plasmodium falciparum (Plate III upper half /Plate IV lower half)
Plasmodium malariae ( Plate II lower half )
Plasmodium ovale (Plate II lower )
Trypanosomiasis ( Plate V and VI upper half )
Chagas' disease (Plate VI lower half )
Kala-azar (Plate VII)
Amoebiasis (PLate VIII and IX)
Giardiasis (Lambliasis) (Plate X)
Spirochaetal diseases
Yaws and Syphilis
Relapsing fever (Plate XI upper half)
Tropical ulcer (Plate XI upper half )
Cholera (Plate XII upper half )
Plague (Plate XII lower half)
Tuberculosis ( Plate XIII lower half )
Leprosy (Plate XIII upper half)

Streptococcal and Staphylococcal
İnfections (Plate XIV)
Gonorrhoea (Plate XV upper half)
Chancre (Plate XV lower half)
Typhus (Plate XVI upper half)
Q-fever (Plate XVI lower half)
Trachoma (Plate XVII upper half)
Smallpox (Plate XVII lower half)
Lymphogranuloma venereum ( Plate XVIII upper half)
Psittacosis (Plate XVIII lower half)

Helminthic diseases caused by


Filaria (Plate XIX)
Ancylostoma duodenale (Plate XX and XXI)
Ascaris lumbricoides (Plate XXII upper half)
Trichuris trichiura (Plate XXI upper half)
Oxyuris (Enterobius) vermicularis (Plate XXI upper half)

Taenia solium (Plate XXI lover half)
Taenia saginata (Plate XXI middle and lower half)
Diphyllobothrium latum (Plate XXI middle and lower half)
Hymeolepis nana (Plate XXI middle)

Schistosomae(Bilharziae) (Plate XXIII)
Schistosoma mansoi (Plate XXIV and XXV)
Schistosoma haematobium (Plate XXV)
Schistosoma japonicum (Plate XXV)
Colonorchis sinensis (Plate XXII middle)
Fasciolopsis buski (Plate XXII lower half)
Paragonimus ringeri (westermanni) (Plate XXII lower half)

List of Stains and Reagents mentionend in text

Therapeutic Index