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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Bucharest

Published Date : Eylül 1969

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Document Type : Report

Book No : 8884


1. Introduction

2. The nature of operational research and its role in administration and planning
2.1. Historical background
2.2. Context and definition

3. The operational research process
3.1. Objectives, variables and models
3.2. An example in health facility planning

4. Operational research methods and techniques
4.1. Stochastic or probabilistic system models
4.2. Deterministic system model
4.3. Formal decision processes
4.4. Case history

5. Organizational relationships
5.1. Division of Research in Epidemiology and Communications Science (RECS), WHO, Geneva
5.2. The United Kingdom
5.3. USSR
5.4. France

6. Operational research in planning and related activities

7. Summary and future perspectives
7.1. Some Conclusions
7.2. Training
7.3. New Frontiers of operational research
7.4. Organizational relationships

ANNEX I A planning methodology for tuberculosis control programmes - Dr. M. Piot

ANNEX II Methods of operational research - R.D. Smallwood

ANNEX III Towards a system of comprehensive health planning - Dr. S. Litsios

ANNEX IV The ABC of the programme evaluation and review technique (PERT) - A.J. Manger

ANNEX V Bibliography

ANNEX VI Glossary of terms

ANNEX VII List of working papers

ANNEX VIII List of participants