world Trade Union Movement

Book : world Trade Union Movement

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Language : English

Episode : Trade Union

Skin : 12

Published Date : 1990

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Document Type : Booklet

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-12th World Trade Union Congress
(Moscow, 13-20 November 1990)
-Trade unions for dialogue and action
Diary and assessment of the 12th World Trade Union Congress 1
-Appeal to the workers and trade unions of the world 7
-Declaration on trade union solidarity in the 1990s 8
-What the workers expect from the trade unions in order to avoid
the 1990s becoming another lost decade (Introduction to the
discussion given by l. Zakaria, outgoing General Secretary
of the WFTU 10
-Let us accept our mutual responsibilities for the success
of the changes 15
-The participantsin the12th Congress take the floor 17
-Concerning recent world development 17
-On the economic situation in the world 2O
-Regional confIicts 23
-Peace and disarmament 24
-Trade union rights, the right of women to education and
jobs and the protection of the environment 26
-The future tasks of the trade unions
What the workers expect from the trade unions 27
-The Renewal of the WFTU 30
-Notice to the readers of WFTU publications 33
-Conditions of subscription to WFTU publications 34