Employment And Equity

Book : Employment And Equity

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Language : English

Episode : Social Policy

ISBN : 9789221306832, 978

Published Date : 2015

Publisher : ILO

Document Type : Book

Book No : 8538


Foreword from Director of ILO Office for Turkey: Numan Özcan iii

1. Introduction: A framework for employment and equity
Risa L. Lieberwitz and Berrin Ceylan-Ataman 1
2. Inter-regional income distribution in Turkey: Divergence dynamics
Berrin Ceylan Ataman-Sinan Borluk 11
3. Lithuanian youth integration into labour market: Problems and solutions
Ausra Repeckiene and Renata Zvireliene 27
4. Lithuanian women's situation in the labour market: Employment,career motives and obstacles
Brigitta Stanikuniene and Nida Kvedaraite 45
5. The relationship between collective and individual rights to achieve equity in employment
Risa L. Lieberwitz 61
6. New social protection policies in Turkey: Reductive or reproductive of inequality?
Şenay Gökbayrak 79
7. Seeking cheap labor: New trends and regulations in the Turkish labour market
Serter Oran-İlkay Savcı 95 p
8. Portrait values of undergraduate students as prospective employees and their corresponding attitudes toward career and union.
Özge Kantaş 119
9. An assessment on minimum wages in Turkey from an inequality perspective during the 2000s.
Osman Tezgel 133
10. Sector switch and domestic outsourcing in the manufacturing
industries of Turkey: The case of Secondary cities during the 2000s
Utku Balaban 151
11. The history of social dialogue in Turkey
Cihan Serhat Kart 195
12. The question of agency in the making of a global society: Evaluation of the Turkish social partners
Berrin C. Ataman, Melahat Güray, TİSK and Güven Savul 213