Family Planing Perspectives

Book : Family Planing Perspectives

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Amerika

ISSN : 0014-7354

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : 1983

Publisher : The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8340


Food for Thought 210

-Contraceptive Continuation Among Adolescents
Attending Family Planning Clinics
Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr.
Judy Shea, Paul Allison, Roberta Herceg-Baron and
David Webb 211
-Self-Sustajning Clinics:Innovation or Retreat?
Lynn C. Landman 218
-The Abortion Issue in the 1980 Eleetions
Donald Granberg and James Burlison 231
-Effects of Vaginal Spermicides On Pregnancy Outcome
Theresa O. Scholl, Eugene Sobel, Koray Tanfer,
Ellen F. Soeler and Bruce Saidman 244

-Young U. S. Women Delaying Motherhood;
25 Percent May Remain Childless 224
-Risk of PID 5X Greater from Dalkon Shield than
from Other IUDs 225
-Development of Six New Contraceptives Among 1989
Goals of WHO Programme 226
-Potency of Estrogen, Progestin Can Affect
Levels of Cholesterol 228
-Beports Conflict on Link Between Hysterectomy,
Prior Tubal Sterilization 229

Special Report
-Hormonal Implants:
The Next Wave of Contraceptives
Michael Klitsch 239

Books in Review
-STDs: Who, What, When, Where, How?
Cheryl A. Blackmore 251 Sevgi O. Aral 252


Volume 15, Number 5, Septeber-October 1983