Family Planing Perspectives

Book : Family Planing Perspectives

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Amerika

ISSN : 0014-7354

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : 1982

Publisher : The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8337


In This Issue 296

-Changing Attitudes Toward Marriage And Single Life
Arland Thomton and Deborah F reedman 297
-Sex Education and Contraceptive
Education in U.S. Public High Schools
Margaret Teny Orr 304
-Fertility and Family Planning
In the 1970s: The National Survey of Family Growth
William D. Mosher 314
-Repeat Pregnancies Among
Metropolitan-Area Teenagers: 1971-1979
Michael A. Koenig andMelvin Zelnik 341

Specıal Reports
Airing Contraceptive Commercials
Sterilization Without Surgery
Abortion and Women's Health: A Meeting
Of the National Abortion Federation
Patricia Donovan 321
Michael Klitsch 324
Jeanette H. Johnson 327

-Immigrants: Problems They Pose, Contributions
They Make Are Explored 329
-Women Who Use Barrier Methods Less Likely to Be
Hospitalized for PID 331
-Using Local Anesthesia for lst-Trimester Abortion
Cuts Mortality Sharply 332
-Project Redirection: Better Method Use,
Fewer 2nd Pregnancies Among Teens 335
-Study Examines Ectopic Pregnancy Risk
After Completed Childbearing 336
-Need for Child Care Continues as More Women with
Small Children Go to Work 337
Study F inds Lactation Has No Adverse Effect on
IUD Performance 338

Teenage Pregnancy in Humboldt
County: Critiquing a Critic
Michele McKeegan 339

Books in Review
opulation in a Nutshell Deirdre Wulf 344
Teen Sex in Israel Laurie Schwab Zabin 346


Volume 14, Number 6, November-December, 1982