Asian - Pacific Newsletter

Book : Asian - Pacific Newsletter

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Finlandiya

ISSN : 1458-5944

Published Date : 2011

Publisher : Finnish Instutite of Occupationel Healt

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8332


51- Editorial
Tsuyoshi Kawakami, ILO
52- Singapore's OSH Framework
Tan Fang Qun, Felicia Santoso, Singapore
55- Occupational safety and health profile in Korea
Seong-Kyu Kang, Republic of Korea
58- Practice of Basic Occupational Health Services in China
Li Tao, P.R. China
62- Current situation and further objectives of occupational
safety and health issues
R. Gankhuyag, Mongolia
64- Global ban called for on production and use of asbestos
65- Asian-Pacific Newsletter themes in 2012
66- "Safety culture needs to be created"
Occupational safety and health experts gather in Istanbul
Suvi Lehtinen, Finland
67- Sharing Experiences for Tomorrow
İnternational Symposium in Seoul on 24-25 October 2011
Suvi Lehtinen, Finland


Volume 18, Number 3, December 2011