World Healt

Book : World Healt

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : İsviçre

ISSN : 0043-8502

Period : monthly

Published Date : 1987

Publisher : World Health Organization

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8330


Puppets versus drugs
by Edith Massün 2
Information on drug abuse 5
The global AIDS situation
by Jonathan M. Mann 6
Health, ethics and human values
by Zbigniew Bankovvski
and Frank Gutteridge 9
A consensus view
by Seymour Perry 12
Basic minimum needs
by Amorn Nondasuta
and Prapont Piyaratn 14
The German Hygiene Museum
by Brigitte Golde
and lngeborg Köper 16-17
Mankind and the mosquito
by R. Mansell Prothero 18
Reaching the grass-roots
by Deng Yuzhen 20
from supermarket to cafeteria
by H.Anenden 21
CAMAS: born amid turmoil
by Ope Adekunle 24
Schisto comes to town
by Rajendra Kumar Sarda 27
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June 1987