International Family Planning Perspectives And Digest

Book : International Family Planning Perspectives And Digest

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Amerika

Skin : 5 / 1

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : 1979

Publisher : The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8323


Cardiovascular Disease and Oral Contraceptives:
A Reappraisal of Vital Statistics Data
Mark A. Belsey, Yvonne Russell and Kay Kinnear 2

The Pill and Mortality
From Cardiovascular Disease: Another Look
Christopher Tietze 8

Prospects and Programs for Fertility Reduction:
What? Where?
Bernard Berelson 13

Does Abortion Affect Later Pregnancies?
Deborah Maine 22

Contraceptive Practice in France in 1978
Henri Leridon 25


Malaysia: Family Planning Cuts Birthrate Sharply
And Appears to Reduce Need for illegal Abortion 28

Paraguay's Unmet Need for Contraception High,
illegal Abortion Common 29

Ghana: Half the Fertility Decline in a Rural Area
Is Due to Acceptance by Men of Family Planning 31

New Studies: Pills Don't Increase Diabetes Risk;
Smoking Multiplies PHI-Associated Stroke Risk 33

Despite Program Success, Some Koreans Remain
Hard to Beach with Family Planning Message 35

Koreans Use Abortion if Contraceptives Fail 35

Educated, Married Women in Bangladesh Capital
Favor Abortion 36

U.S. Congressional Committee Finds That Family
Planning Programs Have Major Effect on Fertility 38

Family Planning Programs in Bural Thailand
Prove to Be Major Factor in Fertility Reduction 39