International Family Planning Perspectives And Digest

Book : International Family Planning Perspectives And Digest

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Amerika

Skin : 4 / 1

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : 1978

Publisher : The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8318


Fertility Preferences in Five Asian Countries
Lee-Jay Cho 2

The Unmet Need for Birth Control
In Five Asian Countries
Charles F. Westofl 9

Brazilis Changing Family Planning Policy: A First Step?
Axel I. Mundigo 18


IPPF Survey: World's Contraceptors Increased
By 35 Million; 5 Million More in F. P. Programs
Deborah Maine 21

No Apparent Harmful Effect from Legal Abortion
On Later Pregnancies; D&C Possible Exception 23

30% Decline in Dominican Republic Birthrate Ascribed
To Voluntary Sterilization and F. P. Program 25

To Curb High African Fertility: Delay Marriage,
Expand Family Planning, Women is Opportunities 27

Education, Not Religion, Factor
In Birth Control Use by Moslem Women 28

Mexico's Experience Shows That Development
Does Not Automatically Slow Rapid Population Growth 29

Bulletin: China : 30

Sympto-thermal Method: 8% Pregnant First Year,

14% by the Second Year 31

Legal Abortions in Kerala Increased 15X, 1972-76 31