Population and Development Cilt 40/4

Book : Population and Development Cilt 40/4

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : ABD

ISSN : 0098-7921

Skin : 40/3

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Aralık 2014

Publisher : Population Council

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 8099


Valeria Cetorelli
The effect on fertility of the 2003-2011 war in Iraq

Eleanor Hukın
Cambodıas fertility transition: The dynamics of
Contemporary childbearing

Suet-ling Pong et al. Blurring
boundaries? Imrnigration and
exogamous marriages in Hong Kong

Landis MacKellar and Bradley W.Hart
Captain George Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers and the prehistory of the IUSSP

Notes and Commentary
S. Dİaz-Briquets on accounting for
recent fertility swings in Cuba

Data and Perspectives
Z. Liang, Z. Li, and Z. Ma on changing
patterns of the floating population in
China, 2000-2010

Archives George Poulett Scrope on
population growth and food production;
PDR Archives over four decades

Book Reviews Review essay by
P. Kreager; reviews by S. Rayner,
D. Hodgson, and others

Documents Cairo + 20: The UN on
population and development beyond