International Family Planning Perspectives vol. 15 no. 1

Book : International Family Planning Perspectives vol. 15 no. 1

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : New York, USA

ISSN : 0162-2749

Skin : 15/1

Published Date : Mart 1989

Publisher : The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7925


Update 2

Women's Education and Fertility: A Decade of Change in Four Latin American Countries ........ 4
Mary Beth Weinberger,Cynthia Lloyd and Ann Klimas Blanc

Stalls in the Fertility Decline In Costa Rica and South Korea .........15
Murray Gendell

Sterilization Regret in Sri Lanka:A Retrospective Study.....22
Dennis Hapugalle
Barbara Janowitz
Sharon Weir
Deborah L. Covington
Lynne Wilkens
Celene Aluvihare

Use of Periodic Abstinence And Knowledge of the Fertile Period In 12 Developing Countries........29
Amy R. Sheon
Cynthia Stanton

Special Report
Weighing the Evidence On the Pill and Breast Cancer ...35 Jeanette H. Johnson


Only 11 Percent of Senegalese Women Practice Birth Control......39
AIDS Education Is Found to Improve Condom Use by Prostitutes in Kenya..... 40
Iran's Rate of Population Growth Is One of World's Highest .....41
Paraguay: FeW Changes Found in FP Practice or Fertility in Past 10 Years ........42
African AIDS Epidemic May Have Only Moderate Impact on Population Growth .........43
Cholesterol Levels May Be Altered by Hormones in Some Combined Pills .......44
Percentage of Older Citizens Growing Rapidly in Many Developing Countries .......45

Books in Review
A Feminist Critique Critiqued ..........47
Rebecca Cook and Ann Leonard