Genus Volume LI -n. 1-2

Book : Genus Volume LI -n. 1-2

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Roma

Skin : LI -n

Period : 6 monthly

Published Date : 1996

Publisher : Italian Committee for the Study of Population Problems

Language : Italian

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7846


G.A. MICHELLI New patterns offamilyformation in Italy. Which tools for which interpretation? ......15
P. CERONE, On the effects of the generalised renewal integral equation model of population dynamics.....53
D.T. ROWLAND, Cohort survival in ageing populations: a model life table approach ...........71
A. DHARMALINGAM, The social context of family size preferences and fertility behaviour in a South Indian Village ....... 83
D.C. NATH, G. GOSWAMI, The socio-demographic corretlates of postpartum amenorrhoea in an urban Society of India ...105
D. COCCHI, D. CRIVELLARO, G. DALLA ZUANNA, R. RETTAROLI, Nuzialita, famiglia e sistema agricolo in Italia negli fanni ıdel secolo ..........125
A.D. HORNE, M.N. EL-KHORAZATY, Childbearing and dßongaarts indices for Coale russell's model fertility schedules .....161
S.S. HALLI, S.Y. DAI, M.V. GEORGE, R.B.P. VERMA .Visible minority fertility in Canada, 1981-1986 ......181
M. BAILEY, TJ. MAKANNAH, An evaluation of age and sex data of the population censuses of Sierra Leone: 1963-1985... 191
M.N. ISLAM, S. ABEDIN, Some observations on marriage,
contraception and fertility in Bangladesh ......201