Genus Volume LI -n. 3-4

Book : Genus Volume LI -n. 3-4

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Roma

Skin : LI -n

Period : 6 monthly

Published Date : 1995

Publisher : Italian Committee for the Study of Population Problems

Language : Italian

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7845


I. BLUMERU, Essaý on demological statistics... 19
G. WUNSCH, E. THILTGES, Une conjîısion standardisée: variables et confondantes et standardisation .... 27
B. KUATE DEFQ, A. PALLONI, Determinants of mortality among
Cameroonian children are the effects of breastfeeding and pace of childbearing artıfacts? ...... 61
M.F. AHMED, Recent estimates of adult mortality widowhood in Bangladesh: a critical comparison ..... 97
H. CHOJNACKA, The role of nuptiality in the demographic transition, the case of Africa: a conceptual essay......117
U.C. ISIUGO-ABANIHE, Bridewealth, marriage ana' fertility in the East-Central states of Nigeria ... 151
N. THOMAS, C. MERCER, An examination of the fertility/
contraceptive prevalence anomaly in Zimbabwe ..... 179
E. LODEWIJCKX, H. PAGE, R.C. SCHOENMAECKERS, Changes in family formation among Turkish and Moroccan women in Belgium........205
P.W. STUPP, Estimates of net migration by age at migration from pairs of d enumerations of the foreign born: United States, 1880-1930 ......... 229
C.C.O. IWUNOR, Estimation of parameters of the inflated geometric distribution for rural out-migration ....253