Genus Volume XLVI -n. 3-4

Book : Genus Volume XLVI -n. 3-4

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Roma

Skin : XLVI

Period : 6 monthly

Published Date : 1990

Publisher : Italian Committee for the Study of Population Problems

Language : Italian

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7835


UNNI WIKAN, Cross-cultural features of women's place in society .......1
PHILIPPE ANTOINE - JEANNE NANITELAMIO, Change of women's statuses in African towns ........ 17
CONSTANTINA SAFILIOS - ROTHSCHILD, Women's income profile as a key indicator of women's status for the understanding of changing fertility behaviour in rural Kenia ... 31
DIANE L. WOLF, Factory daughters, the family, and nuptiality in Java ......45
SAJEDA AMIN, The effect of women 's status on sex differentials in infant and child mortality in South Asia ....55
KATH A. MOSER - HELENA S. PUGH - PETER O. GOLD- BLATT, Inequalities in women's health in England and Wales:
mortality among married women according to social circumstances, employment characteristics and life-Cycle stage .......... 71
EITAN F. SABATELLO - DORITH TAL, Women's health, work experience, and social roles at older ages ...... 85
FRANK C. H. EELENS - ANTOON J .J . SCHAMPERS, Sri Lankan housemaids in the Middle East ....... 97
INFORMATION ...... 109