Genus Volume XLVI -n. 1-2

Book : Genus Volume XLVI -n. 1-2

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Roma

Skin : XLVI

Period : 6 monthly

Published Date : 1990

Publisher : Italian Committee for the Study of Population Problems

Language : Italian

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7834


ANSLEY J. COALE - GRAZIELLA CASELLI, Estimation of the number of persons at advanced ages from the number of deaths
at each age in the given year and adjacent years ..1
ELIJAH A. BAMGBOYE, Dating estimates of infant and childhood, mortality from child survivorship data with applications ..25
MARIA ENRICA DANUBIO - ALFREDO COPPA, Use of isonymous marriages in the study of consanguinity. Reliability of its
application in the biological study of the population of Civitella del Tronto ( Teramo, Abruzzi) during the last three centuries .. 39
MARIA ENRICA DANUBIO - ALFREDO COPPA, Marital mobility in the municipal area of Civitella del Tronto (Teramo, Abruzzi) from the XVII Century to 1979 ....57
JAN VAN REEK, Mortality prognosis for the Netherlands until 2000: an application of Barrett's method ....71
ANNUNZIATA NOBILE, Recent trends in infant mortality in developed countries ......79
AURORA ANGELI - SILVANA SALVINI, Family planning and reproductive behaviour in the Islamic countries ...109
between mortality and fertility in Germany rural and urban Prussia and modern Germany ....... 133
HIRLEY LOH - BALI RAM, Delayed childbearing in Canadatrends and factors ........147
ELENA CHOJNACKA - OLUKUNLE ADEGBOLA, Family limitation and fertility increase .......163
SMERON KIDANE, Regional variation in fertility, mortality and population growth in Ethiopia, 1970-1981.... 195
M. LIVI BACCI - F. MARTUZZI VERONESI, Le risorse umane o
del Mediterraneo (N. Federici) ......... 207
VITALI, Mutamenti nelle aree urbane. Popolazione occupazione dal 1951 al 1987 (N. Federici) ..... 208
BLIOGRAPHY ............ 217
NOTES ON AUTHORS ........... 219