African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety Vol 23/3

Book : African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety Vol 23/3

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Language : Turkish

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Finlandiya

ISSN : 1237-0843

Skin : 23-3

Published Date : Aralık 2013

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Language : English

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7697


Co ntents
51 Editorial
Akwilina Kayumba
OSHA Tanzania
52 Ten factors to improve occupational safety and health i
in Construction projects
Richard Neale
55 An assessment of the implemented occupational health
and safety practices in Botswana construction industry
Sethunya Tau, Sinah Seoke
59 Construction health and safety (H&S) : Key issues o
John Smallwood
South Africa
63 Health and safety regulatory framework in Tanzania:
existing shortfalls and the way forward
Joshua Matiko
66 Construction safety and occupational safety & health
in Botswana
Johannes Olefıle Mosanawe
67 Themes for the African Newsletter in 2014
68 EcoLusaka project : education for the construction sector in Lusaka, Zambia
Carmen Antuna Rozado, Pekka Huotila, Finland
Beenzu Chitenge, John Kalumba Mwansa, Kennedy Mwanza, Zambia
71 Reducing workplace accidents in construction work
in Brazil
Livia Lacenda, Tatiana Farah de Mello, Maria Faiçal
74 News from the International Symposium on Culture
of Prevention - Future Approaches
Markku Aaltonen, Arja Äyrâvâinen