Barents Newsletter on Occupational Healt and Safet 15/3y

Book : Barents Newsletter on Occupational Healt and Safet 15/3y

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Finlandiya

ISSN : 1455-8459

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : 2012

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Translator : A. E. Louzine

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 7439


.Focus on safety and health of road transport drivers
Kari Kurppa, Finland

.Archievements in road transport safety in Finland 2006-2011
Seppo Olkkonen, Finland

.OSH of the cargo and passengers motor vehicle drivers The results of coordinating meeting on in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region 2008-2011,
Sergei Grebenkov, Elena Milutka, Russia

.Overcoming obstacles on the road to good health of quarry truck drivers
Sergey Syurin, Raisa Agelkina, Russia

.3rd Barents Occupatianal Health Workshop in Oulu
Hannu Rintamaki, Finland

.Comprehensive approach to road safety in Estonia:The comman responsibility and mutual obligations concept
Maria Pashkevich, Estonia

.Safety through vehicle maintenance, EU-OSHA

.The 18th Annual meeting of the Baltic Sea Network, Reporting on occupational accidents
Mirkka Salmensaari, Suvi Lehtinen, Finland

.Trafisafe research project
Trafi, Finland

.Use of seatbelts increases by 37% in Lipetsk, Russia, WHO-Euro

.Preventing 5 million road traffic deaths,WHO

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