Essays on Planning and Economic Development Cilt:3

Book : Essays on Planning and Economic Development Cilt:3

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Language : English

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Publishing Location : Polonya

Published Date : 1968

Publisher : Polish Scientific Publishers-PWN

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Book

Book No : 7355


M. Kalecki

The Difference between Crucial Economic Pro-blems of Developed and Underdeveloped Non--socialist Economies

M. Kalecki

Determination of the Rate of Growth of a Socia-list Economy Under Conditions of Unlimited Sup-ply of Labour

W. Kula

Towards a Typology of Economic Systems . J. Gorynski

Construction: Its Role in the Development of Backward Economies

Cz. Bobrowski

Algerian Traditional Agriculture

/. Pajestka

Dialogue between Planning Experts and Policy Makers in the Process of Plan Formulation

S. P. Malbotra

Slow Rate of Growth of Agriculture — a Barrier to Economic Development

D. D. Narula

Growth Pattern of India's Mixed Economy, 1961— 1965