Workplace Violance and Harrassment: a European Picture

Book : Workplace Violance and Harrassment: a European Picture

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Luxemburg

ISSN : 1830-5946

Published Date : 2010

Publisher : European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6920


Executive summary
1. Introduction

1.1. Background and aims ofthe report

1.2. Methodology

1.2.1. Literatüre review

1.2.2. FocalPoint survey

1.3. Definitions for violence and harassment at work

1.3.1. Work-related violence referring to both physical and psychological violence

1.3.2. Internal and external vrorkplace violence

1.3.3. Other definitions for physical violence

1.3.4. Definitions for harassment, bullying and mobbing

1.3.5. Sexual harassment

1.4. Summary and discussion
2. Awareness of problems of vvork-related violence

2.1. National definitions

2.2. Legal status of vvork-related violence in European countries

2.3. Usabilityoflegislation

2.4. Acknovvledgement ofthe problem

2.5. Summary and discussion
3. Prevalence of vvork-related violence

3.1. Availabilityofstatistical information

3.2. Situation in the EU Member States

3.2.1. European Working Conditions Survey (EVVCS)

3.2.2. Examples at national levels

3.3. Sectors and occupations at risk of vvork-related violence

3.4. Summary and discussion
4. Risks and antecedents of vvork-related violence

4.1. Risks and antecedents for third-party violence

4.1.1. Work environment factors behind third-party violence

4.1.2. Individual characteristics as risk factors

4.2. Risks and antecedents of harassment at work

4.2.1. Environmental and organisational antecedents of bullying at vvork

4.2.2 Individual and personality characteristics as antecedents of bullying at vvork

4.3. Risks and antecedents of sexual harassment

4.4. Summary and discussion
5. Consequences of vvork-related violence

5.1. Consequences of third-party violence

5.1.1. Consequences to the subjects of violence

5.1.2. Consequences to organisations

5.1.3. Consequences to society

5.2. Consequences of harassment at vvork

5.2.1. Consequences to the subjects of harassment
5.2.2. Consequences to organisations

5.2.3. Consequences to society

5.3. Summary and discussion
6. Initiatives and interventions to prevent and manage vvork-related violence

6.1. Initiatives to address vvork-related violence at European level

6.2. European and international approaches

6.2.1. European Framework for Psychosocial Risk Management (PRIMA-EF)

6.2.2. Strategies to tackle violence by the ILO

6.2.3. Raising avvareness of psychological harassment at vvork by WH0

6.3. National policies

6.4. National initiatives

6.5. Summary and discussion
7. Condusionsandthe wayforward

7.1. Conclusions

7.2. Thewayforward
Appendix I: Focal Point survey questionnaire
Appendix II: National legislation on vvork-related violence