Bunyad Update 2000-2003

Book : Bunyad Update 2000-2003

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Language : English

Episode : Child Labor

Publisher : Bunyad Literacy Community Council

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Book

Book No : 6858


Executive Summary

Bunyad Literacy Community Council, An Iütrodliction

Geographical Spread Education & Literacy NON-FORMAL EDUCATİON

Non-Formal Primary Education System & PLC Hafızabad Community Schools FORMAL EDUCATİON

Universal Primary Education at Sialkot & Murree Early Childhood Care & Development Higher Education Link (HEL) FORMAL EDUCATİON - BUNYAD SCHOOL SYSTEM

The Punjab Literacy Watch

Combating Child Labour

Combating Child Labour in Soccer Ball Industry in Sialkot Combating Child Labour in the Carpet Industry in Sheikhupura & Hafızabad Elimination of Child Labour From Hazardous Occupations in Sheikhupura Combating Child Labour in Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Industry in Sialkot Education of Street/ Working Children in and around Lahore City

Registration at Birth Project (Sialkot)

Gender & Women's Development

Gender Component in PPSGDP
Women Empovverment Through Poverty Alleviation (WEPA) Women Enablement Through Micro-Credit Paksitan Povcrt Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Project

Farmer Wives

Reproductive Health Initiative

Reproductive Health Initiative (RHI) & Bunyad

Sanitation & Environment Protection

Environmental Awareness and Solid Waste Management in Mega Cities of Punjab

Integrated Sanitation and Farming System (ISFS) Solid Waste Management Programme

BERTIs, The Commıınity Learning Centers (CLC)

Sanitation Health. Hygiene Environment Literacy and Ski 11 Development

Institute of Community Education (ICE)

Research & Publications Human Resource Development Board of Directors of BLCC & Staff

Partners in Service Accounts Report