Mainstreaming Occupational Safety and Health into University Education

Book : Mainstreaming Occupational Safety and Health into University Education

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

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ISSN : 1830-5954

Published Date : 2010

Publisher : European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Language : Turkish

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1. Introduction

EU Strategy on OSH in education

What is mainstreaming OSH into education?

OSH in the curriculum of university courses

Previous findings relating to mainstreaming OSH into tertiary-level education Thereport

2. Overvievvofthecases

3. Case descriptions

3.1. Good Practice Databases integrated into Chemistry Studies: NOP-online and KMR-dangerous substances in lab courses, Germany

3.2 Integral II, Germany

3.3 Introduction to the principles of laboratory safety - prevention and

emergency response - handling biological and radioactive substances, Austria

3.4 Risk prevention and health protection in adult education - EDFORSA (EDucation FOR SAfety), various Member States

3.5 Management of risk in mining and natural environment in academic education and

research, Bulgar'la

3.6 Risk education in engineering - Development of year one materials, United Kingdom

3.7 Transferring the results of business cases avvards initiative to business and

engineering schools, USA

3.8 Multimedia educational package on OSH issues, Poland

3.9 Learning by doing, Portugal

3.10 Overvievv of the indusion of OSH courses in Portuguese universities, Portugal

3.11 'Programa Universitas'foroccupational risk prevention, Spain

3.12 Chemical engineering students teach each other OSH, France

3.13 Architectural and engineering students design projects together, France

3.14 The Lacobus contest: allowing for OSH in restoration work from the design stage onvvards, France..

3.15 OSH courses in Tallin University of Technology, Estonia

3.16 A computer-based learning environment for OSH, Finland

3.17 OSH institute provides training in universities and technical professional schools, Greece

3.18 Kaunas University of Medicine programme related to OSH, Lithuania

3.19 Avvareness-raising about safety with students and professors in architecture, Belgium

3.20 Integration of OSH at the Faculty of Metallurgy, Slovak Republic

3.21 Integration of OSH at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic

3.22 Teaching OSH in construction engineering and architecture studies: cooperation with statutory insurance organisations and the Labour Inspectorate, Germany

3.23 Promoting safety culture at DİT - A step doser to the real vvorld, Ireland

3.24 Teaching OSH and ergonomics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary .
4. Snapshots

4.1 Improving overall occupational health and safety at university campus

including safety awareness ofstudents, Denmark

4.2 Risk in technical systems, Sweden

4.3 Risk assessment for work stress, UK

4.4 Professional Studies in Electronic Engineering and Electronic and Computer Engineering, Ireland.

4.5 E-Learning for medical students, Czech Republic

4.6 Preparing new pharmaceutical vvorkers: in-house and with education establishments, Latvia....

4.7 Safe start in the pharmaceutical sector, Poland

4.8 Occupational safety and ergonomics in academic education in Poland

4.9 Tomorrovv's doctors - putting OSH on the graduate medical syllabus, UK

4.10 Aspeaker'sinvitation, UK

4.11 An OSH authority's activities to mainstream OSH into third-level education, Ireland

4.12 Partnership to develop a business course, USA

5. Discussionandcondusions

References and further information


Annex 1. Overvievv table of the cases

Annex 2. Condusions of the meeting of the EU-OSHA Mainstreaming OSH into education expert group, held 26-27 March 2008, Bilbao

Annex 3. Success factors from some previous EU-OSHA reports on OSH and education and training young people about OSH