Studies In Family Planning Cilt:41/1

Book : Studies In Family Planning Cilt:41/1

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : A.B.D.

ISSN : 0039-3665

Skin : 41/1

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Mart 2010

Publisher : Population Council

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6720


Men's Multiple Sexual Partnerships in 15 Sub-Saharan African Countries: Sociodemographic Patterns and Implications

Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer

Determinants of Condom Use in Zambia: A Multilevel Analysis Kofi D. Benefo

Effects of Rural-Urban Return Migration on VVomen's Family Planning and Reproductive Health Attitudes and Behavior in Rural China Jiajian Chen, Hongyan Liu, and Zhenming Xie

The Time Dynamics of Individual Fertility Preferences Among Rural Ghanaian Women Ivy A. Kodzi, John B. Casterline, and Peter Aglobitse

A Randomized Community Trial of Enhanced Family Planning Outreach in Rakai, Uganda

Tom Lutalo, Godfrey Kigozi, Edvvard Kimera, David Serwadda, Maria J. Wawer, Laurie Schvvab Zabin, and Ronald H. Gray


Jordan 2007: Resülts from the Population and Family Health Survey Liberia 2007: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey


Michelle Goldberg

The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Poıver, and the Future of the World Judith F. Helzner