The World Health Report 2004

Book : The World Health Report 2004

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Published Date : 2004

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Language : Turkish

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Message from the Director-General


A chance to change history

Why treatment must be scaled up Expanding treatment access Towards Health for Ali Chaptersummaries


A global emergency: a combined response

The global situation

The uneven spread of HIV Rises in mortality, reductions in life expectancy The deadly interaction: HIV/AIDS and other diseases The AİDS treatment gap

The human, social and economic consequences Women: unequally at risk The underestimated economic threat The threat of institutional collapse Prevention, care and support: strategies for change Preventing the sexual transmission of HIV Breaking the link with other sexually transmitted infections Preventing infection in infants and children lnjecting drug use - reducing the harm Preventing transmission during health care Testing and counselling
Chapter 2

The treatment initiative

Treatment scale-up: public health arguments Treatment scale-up: economic and social arguments The 3 by 5 strategy

Partnerships: vital for success

Delivering treatment: a practical new approach

Antiretroviral drug resistance: acting now to prevent a majör problem The costs of achieving 3 by 5 The front lines: working in countries China India Kenya Thailand Zambia Ethical policies for treatment

Making 3 by 5 work for the poor and marginalized Beyond 2005

Chapter 3

Community participation: advocacy Ğ^action

Community participation in public health Civil society responds to the AİDS tragedy The power of a human rights approach Civil society and treatment expansion

From advocacy to service implementation Community health vrorkers and treatment Community empovverment and public health: shaping the future

Chapter 4

Health systems: finding new strength

Investing in change Beyond the public sector

The business sector contribution Leadership for change Health information systems • Monitoring 3 by 5 Service delivery Health system resources The human resource crisis Systemic solutions to the vrorkforce crisis Financing issues

Meeting the challenge: hope for the future
Chapter 5

Sharing research & knovvledge

Prevention research

Linking prevention and access to treatment Preventing transmission from mother to child Protecting vvomen with microbicides Vaccine research Treatment research

Sustaining long-term adherence Coping vvith toxicities Preventing drug resistance Developing new drugs and strategies Tackling tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS together Operational research Economic issues Health policy analysis Equity issues International collaboration Sharing knovvledge

Conclusion Statistical annex

Explanatory notes Annex Table 1

Basic indicators tor ali WHO Member States Annex Table 2

Deaths by cause, sex and mortality stratum in WHO regions, estimates for 2002 Annex Table 3

Burden of disease in DALYs by cause, sex and mortality stratum in WHO regions, estimates for 2002 Annex Table 4

Healthy life expectancy (HALE) in ali WHO Member States, estimates for 2002 Annex Table 5 Selected national health accounts indicators: measured levels of expenditure on health, 1997-2001 Annex Table 6 Selected national health accounts indicators: measured levels of per capita expenditure on health, 1997-2001 Annex Table 7

Millennium Development Goals: selected health indicators in ali WH0 Member States, 2000 (unless specified)

List of Member States

by WHO region and mortality stratum


Figüre 1.1

Estimated number of adults infected with HIV, by WH0 region, 1980-2003 Figüre 1.2

HIV prevalence among pregnant women attending antenatai clinics in areas of sub-Saharan Africa, 1997-2002 Figüre 1.3

Trends in life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa and selected countries, 1970-2010 Figüre 1.4

Life expectancy in Africa, with and vvithout HIV/AIDS, 2002 Figüre 2.1

Estimated worldwide coverage with antiretroviral treatment, end 2003 Figüre 2.2 Projected costs of the 3 by 5 initiative (total: US$ 5.5 billion), 2004-2005 Figüre 4.1

Deaths from HIV/AIDS among health workers in Malavvi, 1990-2000


Box 1.1

The impact of HIV/AIDS on the Millennium Development Goals Box 1.2

HIV estimates and population-based surveys Box 1.3

Prevention and treatment in Brazil and the Bahamas Box 1.4

Cambodia and Thailand - successes and challenges Box 2.1

Checking the spread of HIV/AIDS in Brazil Box 2.2

Ensuring the supply of medicines to the developing vrorld Box 2.3

The Global Fund to Fight AİDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Box 2.4

Free antiretroviral therapy in Barbados Box 2.5

How Asian drugs help African patients Box 2.6

Ensuring equal access for vvomen and men Box 2.7

Reaching the poor in Rio de Janeiro Box 3.1

The Society for Women and AİDS in Africa
Box 3.2

The role of faith-based organizations Box 3.3

A successful community effort in Suriname Box 3.4

Partnerships for treatment in Uganda Box 3.5

Applying the expertise of people living with H1V/AIDS: Hellen's story Box 4.1

Antiretroviral therapy in the VVestem Cape Province, South Africa Box 4.2

Incentives to health vvorkers in Malawi Box 4.3

Universal access to antiretroviral therapy in Brazil Box 4.4

New international sources of finance Box 4.5

Health financing reform in Kenya Box 5.1

Learning by doing - the operational research agenda Box 5.2

Building partnerships in the fight against disease


changing history