World Health/ Mart 1986

Book : World Health/ Mart 1986

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Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : Switzerland

Period : monthly

Published Date : Mart 1986

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6440


Intersectoral cooperation in primary health care
by Aleya El Bindari Hammad
Health cannot do it alone!
by Godfrey Gunatilleke
Rhetoric and reality
by Mark L. Schneider
Oncho: a concerted effort
by Alastair Anderson
The health sector cannot do it alone!
Design by Ted Gering
Health and the media
by Jack Ling
Think intersectoral!
by M. A. C. Dowling
and Roberta Ritson
IARC: 20 years old
by Walter Davis
• Departments Education for health
Literacy and well-being
Health for all by the year 2000
Fun and games
Primary Health Care
Only a volunteer
by Glen Williams
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