World Health/ Ocak 1981

Book : World Health/ Ocak 1981

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : Geneva

ISSN : 0043-8502

Period : monthly

Published Date : Ocak 1981

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6375


Full participation and eguality by Zala N'Kanza
Just another human being by Alastair Anderson
The disability family by Alan A. Reich
The African experience by Pape Marcel Sene
Reaching the unreached by Michael lrwin
Voices that must be heard by Ann Shearer
Communities re-born by Sir John VVİlson
Training the disabled in the community
Intervievv with Einar Helander
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International Year of Disabled Persons