Studies In Family Planning - Vol:40/1

Book : Studies In Family Planning - Vol:40/1

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : New York

Skin : 40/1

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : Mart 2009

Publisher : Population Council

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6293


Levels of Change in Adolescent Sexual Behavior in Three Asian Cities
Laurie Schwab Zabin, Mark R. Emerson, Li Nan, Lou Chaohua, Gao Ersheng, Nguyen Huu Minh, Yi-Li Chuang, Baai Shyun Hurng, David Bishai, and Robert W. Blum
The Persistence of Induced Abortion in Cuba: Exploring the Notion of an "Abortion Culture" Daniele Belanger and Andrea Flynn
Do Women Increase Their Use of Reproductive Health Care When It Becomes
More Available? Evidence from Indonesia
Elizabeth Frankenberg, Alison Buttenheim, Bondan Sikoki, and Wayan Suriastini
Women's Use of Private and Government Health Facilities for Childbirth in
Nairobi's Informal Settlements
Eva S. Bazant, Michael A. Koenig, Jean-Christophe Fotso, and Samuel Mills
Contraceptive Use, Birth Spacing, and Autonomy: An Analysis of the Oportunidades
Program in Rural Mexico
Becca S. Feldman, Alan M. Zaslavsky, Majid Ezzati, Karen E. Peterson, and Marc Mitchell
A Framework of Sexual Partnerships: Risks and Implications for HIV Prevention in Africa Edward C. Green, Timothy L. Mah, Allison Ruark, and Norman Hearst
Nepal 2006: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey Swaziland 2006-07: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey
Elizabeth Pisani
The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS
Amy O. Tsui
Isabelle Attane and Christophe Z. Guilmoto, editors
Watering the Neighbour's Garden: The Growing Demographic Female Deficit in Asia
Therese Hesketh