Environmental Health Perspectives Vol: 107/5

Book : Environmental Health Perspectives Vol: 107/5

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Language : Turkish

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : U.S.A.

Skin : 107/5

Period : monthly

Published Date : Ekim 1999

Publisher : National Institutes of Health U.S.

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6292


Introduction: Linking Environmental Agents and Autoimmune Diseases
Glinda S. Cooper, Dori Germolec, Jerry Heindel, and Mary]ane Selgrade
Introduction to Immunology and Autoimmunity
Dorinda A. Smith and Dori R. Germolec Evidence for the Role of Environmental Agents in the Initiation or Progression of Autoimmune Conditions
Jonathan]. Powell, Judy Van de Water, andM. Eric Gershwin Screening Tests for Autoimmune-related Immunotoxicity
Raymond Pieters and RuudAlbers Autoimmunity and Risk Assessment
Michael I. Luster, Petia P. Simeonova, Randy Gallucci, and Joanna Matheson
Susceptibility j
Gender and Risk of Autoimmune Diseases: Possible Role of Estrogenic Compounds
S. Ansar Ahmed, B.D. Hissong, D. Verthelyi, K. Donner, K. Becker, andE. Karpuzoglu-Sahin Prenatal Immunotoxicant Exposure and Postnatal Autoimmune Disease
Steven D. Holladay The Role of Genetic Factors in Autoimmune Disease: Implications for Environmental Research
Glinda S. Cooper, Frederick W. Miller, andjanardan P. Pandey Neuroendocrine Host Factors and Inflammatory Disease Susceptibility
Sophie Ligier and Esther M. Sternberg
Systemic Diseases
Are There Environmental Forms of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases?
Evelyn V. Hess New Zealand Mixed Mice: A Genetic Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Model for Assessing Environmental Effects
Ulrich H. Rudofiky and David A. Lawrence Immunopathogenesis of Environmentally Induced Lupus in Mice
Victoria M. Shaheen, Minoru Satoh, Hanno B. Richards, Hideo Yoshida, Melody Shaw, J. Charles Jennette, and Westley H. Reeves Lupus-Prone Mice as Models to Study Xenobiotic-Induced Acceleration of Systemic Autoimmunity
K. Michael Pollard, Deborah L. Pearson, Per Hultman, Bernhard Hildebrandt, andDwight H. Kono Environmentally Induced Autoimmune Diseases: Potential Mechanisms
Tharaknath Rao and Bruce Richardson Epidemiologic Studies of Environmental Agents and Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
Maureen D. Mayes
Organ-Specific Diseases
Linking Iodine with Autoimmune Thyroiditis
NoelR. Rose, Linda Rasooly, AH M. Saboori, and C. Lynne Burek Metals and Kidney Autoimmunity
Pierluigi E. Bigazzi Neuroimmunotoxicology: Humoral Assessment of Neurotoxicity and Autoimmune Mechanisms
Hassan A.N. El-Fawal, StaceyJ. Waterman, Anthony De Feo, andMagdy Y. Shamy The Role of Environmental Factors in Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: An Unresolved Issue
Meredith R. Kraine and Roland M. Tisch
Specific Exposures and Mechanisms
The Role of the Immune System in Hexachlorobenzene-Induced Toxicity
Carola C.P.P.C. Michielsen, Henk van Loveren, and Joseph G. Vos Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica and Autoimmune Disease
Christine G. Parks, Karsten Conrad, and Glinda S. Cooper Initiation of Autoimmunity by a Reactive Metabolite of a Lupus-Inducing Drug in the Thymus
Robert L. Rubin andAnke Kretz-Rommel Cytokine Regulation of a Rodent Model of Mercuric Chloride-Induced Autoimmunity
Lee M. Bagenstose, Padmini Salgame, and Marc Monestier