Cento Workshop Series on Clinical and Applied Research in Family Planning

Book : Cento Workshop Series on Clinical and Applied Research in Family Planning

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Ankara

Published Date : Temmuz 1971

Publisher : Central Treaty Organization CENTO

Document Type : Book

Book No : 6204


Opening Address by H. E. Mr. Turgut Menemencioglu, Secretary General,
Population Planning in Turkey by Dr. Fatih Odekan, Assistant Director General, Population Planning, General Directorate, Ministry of Health, Ankara
Workshop Report on;
Research on the Abortion Problem
Research on New Contraceptives
Research on the Use and Delivery of Contraceptives
Research on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Family Planning
Opening Remarks by H. E. Dr. A. M. Sardari, Undersecretary of State for Health and Family Planning, Tehran
Birth and Fertility in Iran by Dr. Mu Amani, Associate Professor of Demography, Tehran University, Tehran
Family Planning Program in Iran by Dr. A. Zahedi, General Director, Research and Planning, Family Planning, Tehran
Communication and Motivation in Family Planning and the Role of the Women's Health Corps by Dr. N. Fotoohi, Director, Women's Corps, Ministry of Health, Tehran
The Role of the Women's Organization of Iran Concerning Motivation in the Family Planning Program by Dr, Simin Redjali, Secretary General, Women's Organization of Iran, Tehran
Workshop Report on:
Pill Program in Iran, Application and Follow-up — Research Needed in These Areas and New Contraceptives
Problem of Induced Abortions in Iran—Research and Planning Required to Solve This Problem
Family Planning as a Part of MCH and National Health System—Research to Determine Advantages and Disadvantages of This System
Forecast of Family Planning on Population Growth — Research Needed
Research in Education and Communication
Inaugural Address by Mrs. Farrukh Nigar Aziz, Executive Director, Pakistan
Family Planning Association, Lahore
Keynote Address by Mr. Wajihuddin Ahmad, Pakistan Family Planning Commissioner, Islamabad
Workshop Report on:
Study of Factors Related to Acceptance and Continuance of Contraceptive Methods
Study of Social and Economic Processes for Creating a Small Family Norm
Management Needs
Medical Research
Program Impact and Evaluation
Applied Research in Family Planning: Turkey
by Dr. Bozkurt GuVenp, Assistant Director, Institute for
Population Studies, Hacettepe University, Ankara
The Result of Post Partum Family Planning Activities in Ankara Maternity Hospital
by Dr. Mftnevver Tuncer, Chief, Family Planning Clinic, Ankara Maternity Hospital, Ankara
Country Report of Iran by Dr. Farhad Jabbari, Director of Training, Family Planning Division, Ministry of Health, Tehran
Research in Family Planning in Iran by Dr. Bahram Mohit, Director of Research, Family Planning Division, Ministry of Health, Tehran
The Progress of the Family Planning Program in Pakistan with Special Reference to the Progress of Applied Research in Family Planning (Medical and Clinical)
by Dr. (Mrs.) A. I. Begum, Deputy Director (Technical) East Pakistan Family Planning Board, Dacca
Research on Social Aspects of Family Planning in Pakistan by Dr. Wiqar H. Zaidi, Director of Statistics, Pakistan Family Planning Council, Karachi
Continuous Low Dosage Progestogen Contraception by Dr. Elizabeth Connell, Director of Research and Development, Family Planning Services, International Institute for Study of Human Reproduction, Columbia University, New York, N. Y.
Prostaglandins and Fertility Control
by Dr. G. W. Duncan, Fertility Research, The Upjohn
Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Country Coordinators
Members of the Traveling Team
Participants from Turkey
Participants from Iran
Participants from Pakistan
U.S.-sponsored Economic Publications