The Promotion and Development of Traditional Medicine

Book : The Promotion and Development of Traditional Medicine

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Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : Geneva

ISBN : 92 4 120622 5

Published Date : 1978

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Document Type : Document

Book No : 6179


1. Traditional medicine in health care
1.1 Concepts of traditional medicine and practitioners
1.2 Nature, goal and scope of traditional medicine
1.3 Some country experiences
2. Reasons for the promotion of traditional medicine
2.1 Intrinsic qualities
2.2 Approach—unique and holistic
2.3 Operational factor
3. Utilization of traditional medicine in national health care systems
3.1 Suggested procedure
3.2 Guidelines for integrating traditional medicine into primary health care
3.3 The role of WHO in cooperation with Member States for the pro motion and development of traditional medicine
4. Integration of traditional and modern medicine
4.1 The concept of integration
4.2 Country experiences
4.3 Approaches to integration
4.4 Fundamental problems of integration
4.5 Advantages of integration
4.6 Other obstacles to integration
4.7 Prerequisites for integration
4.8 R6sum6 on integration
5. Manpower development
5.1 The Cameroonian model
5.2 Traditional birth attendants
5.3 Recommendations on useful approaches
5.4 Evaluation
5.5 Guiding principles for policy on the training of traditional medicine manpower
5.6 Institutional training
5.7 Suggestions for the removal of obstacles
6. Research promotion and development
6.1 Mexican experience
6.2 Nigerian experience
6.3 Chinese experience
6.4 Guidelines for research
6.5 Some examples of current research projects
7. Recommendations
7.1 General
7.2 National and international policy support for the promotion of traditional medicine
7.3 Collection and dissemination of information pertaining to traditional medicine
7.4 Educational programmes
7.5 Application of traditional medicine to primary health care
7.6 Manpower development
7.7 Multidisciplinary research programme
Annex. Films on acupuncture anaesthesia and Chinese herbology


Report of a WHO Meeting/ Tecnical Report Series 622