World Health/ Mayıs 1986

Book : World Health/ Mayıs 1986

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Language : English

Episode : Other

Publishing Location : Geneva

ISSN : 0043-8502

Published Date : Mayıs 1986

Publisher : World Health Organization

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6174


Paying for Health for all/ by Brian Abel-Smith
Community financing in Senegal/ by Pape Marcel Sene
Sweden's plan for 2000/ by Marten Lagergren
Where is the money to come from ?/ by Lee M. Howard
Singapore's family savings scheme/ by Kai Hong Phua
A budget for Health for all
Smallpox eradication when WHO hit the jackpot/ by John Wickett
Towards equity in health care/ by Ok Ryun Moon
Equity for the poor/ by John S. Akin
Departments Health communications
They all wanted you to go to their homes Helene Pour interviewed/ by World Health
Health for all
Mexico: where disaster struck/ by Alejandro Llano de la Torre
Primary health care
Israel: shifting the resources/ by Aviva Ron
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