Occasional Papers No:21

Book : Occasional Papers No:21

Author : * --

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : London

Published Date : Eylül 1979

Publisher : World Fertility Survey

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 6137


1. Objectives
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Scope of the Report
2. Concepts and measurements
2.1 The Concept of Error
2.2 Identity of Conditions between the Dual Interviews
2.3 Net and Gross Errors
2.4 Nominal, Ordinal and Continuous Measures
2.5 Sampling and Non-sampling Variations
2.6 Empirical Assessment of Non-Sampling Errors
3. Representativeness of the post-enumeration survey
3.1 The Sub-sample for Post-Enumeration
3.2 Comparisons for Representativeness 3.2.1 Illustration: Region of Residence
3.3 Representativeness of the Post-Enumeration Survey
3.4 Characteristics with Large Net Difference
4. Comparison of dual responses from the main and the post-enumeration surveys, net and gross errors
4.1 Illustration
4.2 Net Errors
4.3 Relationship Among Gross Error Measures
4.4. Comparison of Gross Errors in Various Characteristics
5. Adjustments on net and gross errors for eliminating sources other than response errors
5.1 Intervening Events
5.2 Diffusion of Contraceptive Knowledge
5.3 Gross Error in Dating of Events
5.4 Natural Aging
5.5 Net Cramer Measure
5.6 Effect of Adjustments on Gross Error
6. Sampling and non-sampling variability of estimates
7. Conclusions and findings
7.1 The Post-Enumeration Survey
7.2 Problems of the Post-Enumeration Survey
7.3 Methodological and Substantive Findings
7.4 Generalization of the Findings
Appendix I: Measures of errors in dual comparisons Appendix II: Net difference measures


K. S. SRIKANTAN/ An Evaluation of the Fiji Fertility Survey Based on the Post-Enumeration Survey