Treaty of Amsterdam: what has changed in Europe

Book : Treaty of Amsterdam: what has changed in Europe

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Language : English

Episode : European Union

Publishing Location : Lüksemburg

ISBN : 92-828-7400-1

Published Date : Haziran 1999

Publisher : European Commission

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Book

Book No : 5900


The European Union and its citizens
Citizens' rights
Responding to citizens' concerns
Employment and social affairs
Security, freedom and justice
The environment, health and consumers' rights
People's values and aspirations
Citizens' political influence
The identity of the Union
on the international stage
The common foreign and security policy
Decision-making procedures
The common commercial policy
The EU institutions
The European Parliament
National parliaments
The Council
The European Commission
The Court of Justice
The Court of Auditors
The Economic and Social Committee
The Committee of the Regions
Decision-making procedures
'Committee procedures'
Closer cooperation
What next?


Europe on the move