Studies In Family Planning - Vol:39 No:2

Book : Studies In Family Planning - Vol:39 No:2

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : New York

ISSN : 0039-3665

Skin : 39-2

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Haziran 2008

Publisher : Population Council

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5815


Catholics Using Contraceptives: Religion, Family Planning, and Interpretive
Agency in Rural Mexico 93
Jennifer S. Hirsch
Fertility Transitions in Developing Countries: Progress or Stagnation? 105
John Bongaarts
Rates of Induced Abortion in Iran: The Roles of Contraceptive Use and Religiosity 111
Amir Erfani and Kevin McQuillan
Intimate Partner Violence and Interference with Women's Efforts to Avoid
Pregnancy in Jordan 123
Cari Jo Clark, Jay Silverman, Inaam A. Khalaf, Basem Abu Ra'ad, Zeinab Abu Al Sha'ar, Abdullah Abu Al Ata, and Anwar Batieha
Clinic-based Surveillance of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes to Identify Induced
Abortions in Accra, Ghana 133
Elizabeth Oliveras, Clement Ahiadeke, Richard M. Adanu, and Allan G. Hill
Cambodia 2005: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey 141
Rwanda 2005: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey 147
Warren C. Robinson and John A. Ross, editors
The Global Family Planning Revolution: Three Decades of Population Policies and Programs 153
Andrzej Kulczycki
Arlette Campbell White, Thomas W. Merrick, and Abdo S. Yazbeck
Reproductive Health — The Missing Millennium Development Goal: Poverty, Health and
Development in a Changing World 155
Stan Bernstein
Caren Grown, Elissa Braunstein, and Anju Malhotra, editors
Trading Women's Health and Rights? Trade Liberalization and Reproductive Health in
Developing Economies 158
Amy Lind