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Book : Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

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Published Date : Aralık 2007

Publisher : Sage Publications

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BenchMark 3: The Third Decennial Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: Editor's Introduction to This Special Issue Robert F. Ashcraft 5S
University-Based Educational Programs in Nonprofit
Management and Philanthropic Studies: A 10-Year Review
and Projections of Future Trends
Roseanne M. Mirabella 11S
The Nature of Undergraduate Nonprofit Education:
Models of Curriculum Delivery
Norman A. Dolch, Marvin Ernst, John E. McClusky,
Roseanne M. Mirabella, and ]effery Sadow 28S
Toward Doctoral Education in Nonprofit and
Philanthropic Studies
Lisa Allison, Xiaolei Chen, Shawn T. Flanigan, Joyce Keyes-Williams,
Triparna S. Vasavada, and Judith R. Saidel 51S
Mentoring for Doctoral Student Praxis-Centered Learning:
Creating a Shared Culture of Intellectual Aspiration
Max Stephenson, Jr., and Rachel Christensen 64S
"The Other Side of the Coin": What Do Business Schools Teach
the Typical Business Undergraduate Student About the
Nonprofit Sector? A Case Study From the Netherlands
Lucas C. P. M. Meijs, Esther M. Ten Hoorn, and Jeffrey L. Brudney 80S
Nonprofit Management Alumni Knowledge, Skills, and
Career Satisfaction in Relation to Nonprofit Academic Centers
Council Curricular Guidelines: The Case of One University's
Master's of Public Administration Alumni
Robert D. Herman and David O. Renz 98S
Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: International Overview
of the Field in Africa, Canada, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific,
and Europe
Roseanne M. Mirabella, Giuliana Gemelli, Margy-jean Malcolm,
and Gabriel Berger 110S
Institutionalizing Support for Nonprofit Management Education:
Developing a Case for State Investment
Gemma Donnelly-Cox and Siobhdn McGee 136S
Beyond Nonprofit Management Education: Leadership
Development in a Time of Blurred Boundaries and
Distributed Learning
Rob Paton, Jill Mordaunt, and Chris Cornforth 148S
Theorizing an Emerging Discipline: Philanthropic Studies
Richard C. Turner 163 S
The Future of Nonprofit Management Education
Michael O'Neill 169S
Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: Opportunities of the Field
to Fulfill Higher Education's Promise
Constantine W. Curris 177S
Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: Education for What?
Raul Yzaguirre 184S