Family Planning Perspectives

Book : Family Planning Perspectives

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Episode : Population

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Published Date : Ağustos 1982

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Language : Turkish

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Table of Contents
Why Now?
Jeannie I. Rosoff
The Noncontraceptive Health Benefits From Oral Contraceptive Use
Storm over Washington:
The Parental Notification Proposal
Public Funding of Contraceptive Services, 1980-1982
Publicly Funded Abortions In FY 1980 and FY 1981
Planned Parenthood; Ideas for the 1980s
Adolescents' Use of a Hospital-Based Contraceptive Program
Howard W. Ory
AstaM. Kenney, Jacqueline D. Forrest and Aida Torres
Barry Nestor
Rachel Benson Gold Carl W. Tyler, Jr.
Judith Burns Jones,
Pearila Brickner Namerow and
Susan Philliber
Perspectives Profile
Mary Lee Tatum, Sex Educator
Patricia Donovan
Half of U. S. Children Born in the 1970s Will Probably Live in Broken Homes
Vasectomy: Little Effect on Men's Blood Pressure or Blood Composition
As Cohabitation Gains Acceptance, the Number of Unmarried Couples Increases
69% of U.S. Adults Approve Legal Abortion for Six Specified Reasons
Cervical Cap: 8 Pregnancies per 100 Users per Year; 67% Continuation Rate
Pill Does Not Increase Risk of Breast Cancer, Even After Years of Use
FP Clinic Use Differed in Mid-1970s by Age, Race and Income Level
Books in Review
Teenage Sex
Anne R. Pebley
Letters from Readers
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