Family Planning Perspectives

Book : Family Planning Perspectives

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Language : English

Episode : Population

ISSN : 014-7354

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Published Date : Haziran 1982

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Language : Turkish

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Table of Contents
New Insights into Teenage Pregnancy
Sex Education and Its Association With Teenage Sexual Activity, Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use
Factors Affecting Adolescents' Use Of Family Planning Clinics
Parental Involvement:
Selling Family Planning Clinics Short
Research Note: Education
And Childbearing Among Teenagers
Need for Family Planning Services Among Anglo and Hispanic Women In U.S. Counties Bordering Mexico
Illegal-Abortion Deaths
In the United States:
Why Are They Still Occurring?
Melvin Zelnik and Young J. Kim
Mary Chamie, Susan Eisman,
Jacqueline D. Forrest,
Margaret Terry Orr and Aida Torres
Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., Roberta Herceg-Baron, Dorothy Mann and Judy Shea
James McCarthy and Ellen S. Radish
Susan E. Hoick,
Charles W. Warren,
Leo Morris and Roger W. Rochat
Nancy Binkin, Julian Gold and Willard Cates, Jr.
Never-Users of Pill Have Twice the Risk of Endometrial or Ovarian Cancer Teens Get Poor Prenatal Care; Their Babies Are at Greater Risk of Death Abortion/Sterilization: Hysterotomy or Hysterectomy Has 3x Greater Risk Danish Families Stable Though Marriages Down, Divorce and Illegitimacy Up Indira Gandhi Calls for Revitalization of India's Family Planning Program Find Patients at Oxford Clinic Have Very Few Contraceptive Failures Cost of Childrearing at Least $30,000-$80,000 According to the USDA Pill and IUD Use at PPFA Clinics Decline; Diaphragm Use Rises
Books in Review
Are There Lessons to Be Learned? Tomas Frejka
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