Family Planning Perspectives

Book : Family Planning Perspectives

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Published Date : Ağustos 2007

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Table of Contents
The Hyde Amendment and the Future
Jeannie I. Rosoff
Prospects for Improved Contraception
The National Reporting System For Family Planning Services— A New Look
The Effect of Induced Abortion
On the Incidence
Of Down's Syndrome in Hawaii
Linda Atkinson, S. Bruce Schearer, Oscar Harkavy and Richard Lincoln
Joy G. Dryfoos
RoyG. Smith, RobertW. Gardner, Patricia Steinhoff, Chin S. Chung and James A. Falmore
For a Graduated Scale of Fees For Legal Abortion
Against a Graduated Scale
Willard Cates, Jr. Judith Widdicombe
IUD Users May Have Higher Risk of Contracting PID Parents' Social Status Plays Key Role in Daughters' Sexual Activity Worldwide Laws & Policies on Birth Control Affect Service Provision FDA: Medical Device Regulations Will Affect Experimental Contraceptives Natural FP in Australia; Accİdental Pregnancies, Discontinuation Frequent Sterilization Performed at Abortion Is as Safe as Interval Sterilization
Books in Review
Ghemistry, Contraception And Controversy
Philip A. Corfman
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