Family Planning Perspectives

Book : Family Planning Perspectives

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Skin : 12-2

Published Date : 1980

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Language : Turkish

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Table of Contents
Letters from Readers
Second Pregnancies to Premaritally Pregnant Teenagers, 1976 and 1971
Fertility Control in the United States Before the Contraceptive Revolution
Abortion Availability In the United States
Puerto Rico:
Recent Trends in Fertility
And Sterilization
Melvin Zelnik
Deborah A, Dawson, DeniseJ. Menyand Jeanne Clare Ridley
Sara Seims
Harriet B. Presser
UK: Contraceptive Use Widespread; Two-Child Families Preferred Suppository Makers Agree to Stop Comparing Effectiveness to Pill, IUD Vasectomy Is Preferred by Many Canadian Men with 2 or Fewer Children Local, General Anesthesia Found Equally Safe for Early Abortions 1.1 Million Sterilizations Performed in 1978; Six in 10 Were to Women Condom Found by Users to Be Safe, Convenient, Free from Side Effects Almost All Abortions in France Performed in First Trimester
Books in Review
A Policy in Total Disarray
Michael S. Teitelbaum