Journal of European Social Policy

Book : Journal of European Social Policy

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Language : English

Episode : Social Policy

Publishing Location : Londra

ISSN : 0958-9287

Skin : 17-4

Period : 4 monthly

Published Date : Kasım 2007

Publisher : Sage Publications

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5561


Volume 17 Number 4 November 2007
The incomes of families with children: a cross-national comparison □ Wendy Sigle-Rushton and Jane Waldfogel 299
Intergenerational transfers of time and money in European families: common
patterns - different regimes? Ij Marco Albertini, Martin Kohli and Claudia Vogel 319
Transposition of EU social policy in the new member states □ Dimiter Tosbkov 335
Transposition of EU social policy in Poland: are there different 'worlds of compliance'
in East and West? □ Simone Leiber 349
Financing social and cohesion policy in an enlarged EU: plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose}
Q Adrian Kay and Robert Ackrill 361
Why work is not a panacea: a decomposition analysis of EU-15 countries. □ Paul de Beer 375
European Briefing
The Bulgarian pension reform: post-accession issues and challenges □ Darinka Asenova and Roddy McKinnon 389
□ Digest by Cedte Barbier, Dalila Ghailani, Philippe Pochet and Rita Baeten 397
Book Reviews
Jean-Claude Barbier and Marie-Therese Letablier (eds), Social Policies: Epistem'ological and
Methodological Issues in Cross-national Comparison □ Reviewed by Francois Xavier Merrien and Noemi Martin 410