Family Planning Perspectives

Book : Family Planning Perspectives

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Language : English

Episode : Population

Skin : 11-2

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : Nisan 1979

Publisher : Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5554


Family Planning
ISSN 0014-7354
Volume 11, Number 2, Mar./Apr. 1979
Table of Contents
The Pill and Mortality
From Cardiovascular Disease:
Another Look
Cardiovascular Disease And Oral Contraceptives: A Reappraisal Of Vital Statistics Data
Population Attitudes and Fertility
Rural and Urban Family Planning Services in the United States
Family Size, Contraceptive Practice
And Fertility Intentions
In England and Wales, 1967-1975
The United States and Britain
Christopher Tietze
Mark A. Belsey, Yvonne Russell and Kay Kinnear
Charles F. Westoff and James McCarthy
Aida Torres
Ann Cartwright
Elise F. Jones
Special Reports
Does Abortion Affect Later Pregnancies?
The Select Committee Reports
Deborah Maine
Richard Lincoln
Broken Marriages: One-Third of Children to Live in One-Parent Homes IUD: Lippes Loop Most Popular. Followed by Copper 7 Orals: No Increased Diabetes Risk; Smoking Multiplies Stroke Risk Vasectomy: Operative Procedures and Sterility Tests Not Standardized Fertility Rise in 1977 Not Sustained; Teenage Rates Continued Decline
Books in Review
A Birth Control Entrepreneur James Reed
C fed ote