Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety Vol 10/2

Book : Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety Vol 10/2

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Firlandiya

ISSN : 41455-8459

Skin : 10-2

Published Date : 2007

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5501


Finnish Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council
(BEAC): Increasing attention to health and social issues
in the Barents Region
A. Puura-Markala
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Infectious diseases - a common challenge for public and occupational health
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fl. Kox
WHO warns of tuberculosis danger
The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and
Social Well-being
A partnership committed to achieving tangible results
M. Maciejowski, B.Treichei, M. Nachtigal!
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M. MacbeAXOBCKM, B. TpeMHe/i, M. HaxTuran
Barents HIV/AIDS Programme - protection for vulnerable groups
O. Karvonen
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b perMOHe BapeHqesa Mopn - 3amnTa yn3Bi4Mbix rpynn.
0. KapBOHeH
HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme in Russia
Learn about it at work
M. Remizova, S. Zenov
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M.IO. PeMH30Ba, CM. 3eH0B
Protecting health workers from occupational exposure to HIV, hepatitis and other bloodborne pathogens: from research to practice
S.Wilburn, G. Eijkemans
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C. Bw^bSypH, F.