Journal of European Social Policy

Book : Journal of European Social Policy

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Language : English

Episode : Social Policy

Publishing Location : USA

ISSN : 0958-9287

Skin : 17-3

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Ağustos 2007

Publisher : Sage Publications

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5482


Volume 17 Number 3 August 2007
Lisbon and social Europe: towards a European 'adult worker model' welfare system
Q Claire Annesley
Social expenditure and the politics of redistribution □ Francis G. Castles and Herbert Obinger
Social capital and health in European welfare regimes: a multilevel approach □ Mikael Rostila
Preferences or institutions? Work-family life opportunities in seven European countries □ Olli Kangas and Tine Rostgaard
Outsourcing women's domestic labour: the Cheque Emploi-Service Universel in France
OJan Windebank
European Briefing
LJ Digest by Cecile Barbier, Dahla Ghailani and Philippe Pochct Book Reviews
Jonas Pontusson, Inequality and Prosperity: Social Europe vs. Liberal America Zl Reviewed by Patrick Emmenegger
Kimberly J. Morgan, Working Mothers and the Welfare State: Religion and
the Politics of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe and the United States
G Reviewed by Ingela K. Naumann
Geoffrey Brennan and Philip Pettit, The Economy of Esteem Zi Reviewed by Stijn Rottiers
Els Sol and Mies Westerveld (eds), Contractualism in Employment Services:
a New Form of Welfare State Governance
Q Reviewed by Mark Schaan
Books Received