Sosyo-economic Differential Mortality

Book : Sosyo-economic Differential Mortality

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Language : English

Episode : Social Policy

Publishing Location : Macaristan

Published Date : Eylül 1986

Publisher : World Health Organization

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Book

Book No : 5344


Report on the International Seminar on the Socio-economic Aspects of Differential Mortality Zarnardi, Hungary, 9-12 September 1986 _
Andras KHnger
Socio-economic differentials of mortality in Hungary
Janina Aleksinska
The tendencies in the changes in the level of mortality in Poland in the years 19 50-19 85_________________________________
Gyorgy Vukovich and Gyula Kororn
Health situation in Hungary based on a morbidity survey______
Richard Gisser
Three projects of the Austrian Central Statistical Office on socio-economic and regional mortality differentials______________
Herwig Birg
Mortality and biography--------------------------------------------------
Michael Kokgny
Health behaviour and risk factors as determinants of high mortality in Hungary-------------------------------------------------____
Ferenc Moksony
Explaining areal differences in mortality: some conceptual and methodological issues__________________________________
Wilfried Linke
Regional mortality differences in the Federal Republic of Germany ----------------------------____________________________
Lucyna Nowak
Territorial distribution of mortality in Poland
in the years 19 50-1985_________________________________
Peter J6zan
Some features of geographical mortality differentials in Hungary in the early eighties --------------------------------------------------
Peter Giersdorf and Rudolf Lorenz
Regional mortality differences in the GDR in the period
1980-1983 ---------------------------------------------------------------
Paul Veres
The regional differences in mortality in Czechoslovakia---------
Waldtraut Casper
Comparison of the accident mortality in selected countries -----
John Pox and Peter Goldblatt
Have inequalities in health widened? A preliminary study of recent changes in social class differences in male mortality----
R.M. Dmitrieva and E. M. Andreev
On methodological aspects of studying tfche socio-economic factors of mortality differentiation ----------------------------------
Josianne Duchene and Guillaume Wunsch
From the demographer's cauldron: single decrement life tables and the span of life-----------------------------------------------------
Harry M. Rosenberg and Manning Feinleib
Data bases for the analysis of socio-economic differences
in mortality in the United States ------------------------------------