Labour Education

Book : Labour Education

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Language : English

Episode : Social Policy

Publishing Location : Cenevre

Published Date : 1984

Publisher : International Labour Offıce Geneva

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Booklet

Book No : 5335


Principal articles published in this issue
The 1984 International Labour Conference
Labour education in the world
USA: The development and functions of the UCLEA
Japan: Workers' education: doorway to a new era
India: The Central Board of Workers' Education celebrates its 25th birthday
I3th General Conference of TFWEA
Activities of the ILO
Cairo: Workshop on the ILO - Barbados: Seminar on Workers' Education In Occupational Safety and Health - Trinidad: Seminar on the Promotion and Development of Workers' Education Institutions - Asian Regional Seminar in Singapore - Sierra Leone: West African Seminar on Trade Union Co-operative Activities - Tanzania: National Seminar on Economic Education and Curriculum Development - Cuba: Regional Seminar on Workers' Education for Trade Union Representatives from Latin America - Manila: Workers' education in economics Assistance to Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa On-the-ground results
Methods and techniques
Student involvement in the production of teaching aids
Workers in history
A journey in Utopia
Book reviews