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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Finlandiya

ISSN : 0359-1255

Skin : 3

Period : monthly

Published Date : Mart 2005

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5193


Finland activeiy involved İn promoting health and safety at work
among young people
Dr. Sİnikka Mönkâre, Mİnister of Socİal Affairs and Health
Every young person needed İn working life
Timo Leino, Programme Coordinotor, Youth and Work Action Programme, FIOH, Mottİ S. Huuskonen, Head of Programme, Youth and VVork Action Programme, FİOH, Horri Voİnio, Director General, FIOH
Youth and VVork programme promotes young people's health and working and functional capacity
Timo Leino, Programme Coordinotor, Youth and VVork Action Programme, FIOH, Minna Laukkonen, Program Secretary, FIOH
Young people are our finest investment in the future - Intervİev/ of Dr. Liisa Hyssala, Minister of Health ond Socİal Services Timo Leino, Leena Maki, Information Officer, FIOH
Business and young employees:
InvesHng in occupafionol health and safety İs worth vvhile Occupational health servİces support the young employee Heleno Palmgren, Reseorcher, Department of Research and Development İn Occupational Health Services, FIOH Safety equally important at worksites and offices Leeno Lomakka, Vice President, HR, YİT Corporation
Also young people should learn safety at work
Simo Salminen, Specİalİzed Researcher, Department of Occupational Safety
Mikko Myrsky slov/ed down by his miraculous survival
Anna Kopteff, journalist Trainee, Helia, Helsinki Business Polytechnic
Luck has nothing to do with if
Paivi Rauramo, Project Coordinator, National Programme on Prevention of Occupational Accİdents, Centre for Occupational Safety, Jorma Soari, Director of the Department, Department of Occupotional Safety, Fİnnish Institute of Occupational Health
Protective clothing and equipment make good sense
Susanna Mökİ, Assİstant Researcher, Department of Physİcs, FIOH, EskoToppİİa, Specialized Reseorcher, Department of Physics, FIOH
Coaching for occupational health and safety excellence
Rükka Ruotsala, Head of Project, Skills Finland, Kati Lundgren, Head of Project, Skills Finland
Restaurant servİces safely and surely
Julia Huovİnen, journalist Trainee, Helia, Helsinki Business Polytechnic
Can work-related v/ellbeing be ensured at the start of a work career? Ellen Ek, Specialist Psychologist, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Oulu
Wellbeing through career management
Jukka Vuori, Senior Researcher, Department of Psychology, FIOH, Petri Koİvisto, Researcher, Department of Psychology, FIOH, and Unİversity of Jyvâskylâ, Tommy Larvi, Researcher, Department of Psychology, FIOH
VVorking life needs different generations to cooperate
Pekka Huuhtonen, Research Professor, Department of Psychology, FIOH Transferring knowledge and skills from experts to beginners
Emma Suominen, Journalist Trainee, Helia, Helsinki Business Polytechnic