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Book : İCATHA's Newsletter

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Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : Barselona

ISSN : 1697-039X

Skin : 35

Period : monthly

Published Date : Ocak 2005

Publisher : Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Research

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5122


Leading article
Work in progress
. Health technology equipment in hospitals in Catalonia according to the Register of Equipment
. Use and impact of PET on patient clinical management in Catalonia: oreliminary data
. Arthroplasty Register of Catalonia: a tool for improving health-care quality
Work completed
. Sperm washing in HIV-serodiscordant couples that want to have children
. Estimation of cardiovascular risk in primary care
. Summary of the evaluation process of the research proposals submitted to the 2003 calling of La Fundacio La Marato de TV3 for research in chronic respiratory diseases
. 5th CAHTA 2004 call for topics in clinical and health services research
CAHTA scientific activity
. Epidemiology, a tool for health
. 10 years of the Agency
. IRYSS Network Meeting
Concepts and methods
in assessment
. The importance of a taxonomy on patient safety