Can health and nutrition interventions make a difference?

Book : Can health and nutrition interventions make a difference?

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Language : English

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Published Date : Şubat 1980

Publisher : Öteki Yayınevi

Language : Turkish

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Foreword, by Halfdan Mahler
The Social and Economic Context of Intervention Efforts Can Interventions Make A Difference?
A Focus on Field Experiments The Rationale Ten Projects Selected for Review
The Impact of the Interventions on Infant and Child Mortality, Physical Growth, and Fertility The Individual Project Findings General Findings Effectiveness Costs
Factors Contributing to Program Effectiveness Specific Components
Maternal Nutrition Supplements
Maternal Immunization Against Tetanus
Nutrition Monitoring
Widespread Coverage
Greater Reliance on Paramedical Personnel
Effective Training Programs
Other Nutrition and Health Measures General Characteristics
Emphasis on Village-Based, Non-Physician Approaches
Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
The Need for Caution in Interpreting the Results Problems of Evaluation
Concerns About the Broader Aspects of Interaction Between Community and Project
Implications for Future Efforts
The Potential Contribution of Primary Care Realizing the Potential on a Larger Scale Substantive Suggestions Procedural Suggestions
A. Program Characteristics Covered by the Review
B. The Ten Projects in Brief: Individual Profiles
1. Many Farms, U.S.A.
2. Rural Guatemala I
3. Imesi, Nigeria
4. Northern Peru
5. Etimesgut, Turkey
6. Narangwal, India
7. Rural Guatemala II
8. Jamkhed, India
9. Hanover, Jamaica
10. Kavar, Iran
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