Journal of European Social Policy

Book : Journal of European Social Policy

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Episode : Social Policy

Publishing Location : Londra

ISSN : 0958-9287

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Period : 4 monthly

Published Date : Şubat 2006

Publisher : Sage Publications

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5042


Changing coalitions in social policy reforms: the politics of new social needs and demands
□ Silja Hausermann
Making the difference in social Europe: deservingness perceptions among citizens of
European welfare states Q Wim van Oorscbot
Adapting private pensions to public purposes: historical perspectives on the politics of reform
□ Noel Wbiteside
Welfare-state decommodification in 18 OECD countries: a replication and revision
□ Lyle Scruggs and James Allan
Research Note
Decommodification and the worlds of welfare revisited □ Clare Bambra
European Briefing
Q Digest by Cecile Barbier, Caroline de la Porte, Dalila Gbailani and Rita Baeten
Book Reviews
P. Taylor-Gooby (ed.), New Risks, New Welfare. The Transformation of the European
Welfare State Q Reviewed by Bent Greve
Francis G. Castles, The Future of the Welfare State: Crisis Myths and Crisis Realities
□ Reviewed by Karin Heitzmann
Maurizio Ferrera and Elisabetta Gualmini, Rescued by Europef Social and Labour Market Reforms in
Italy from Maastricht to Berlusconi □ Reviewed by Valeria Fargion
Duncan Gallie, Resisting Marginalization: Unemployment Experience and Social Policy
in the European Union -1 Reviewed by Jean-Claude Barbier
J. Allen, J. Barlow, J. Leal, T. Maloutas and L. Padovani, Housing and Welfare
in Southern Europe □ Reviewed by Romana Xerez
Timothy B. Smith, France in Crisis: Welfare, Inequality and Globalization since 1980
□ Reviewed by Daniel Clegg
J. Aidukaite, The Emergence of the Post-Socialist Welfare State: the Case of the Baltic States: Estonia,
Latvia and Lithuania □ Reviewed by William M, Cross
Bela Galgoczi, Celine Lafoucriere and Lars Magnusson (eds), The Enlargement of Social Europe. The Role of the Social Partners in the European Employment Strategy
□ Reviewed by Elke Viebrock
Vincente Navarro, The Political and Social Contexts of Health 3 Reviewed by Richard B. Saltman
International Labour Office (ed.), Economic Security for a Better World Cl Reviewed by Timo Fischer
Giuliano Bonoli and Toshimitsu Shinkawa (eds), Ageing and Pension Reform Around the World:
Evidence from Eleven Countries Q Reviewed by David Natali
Books Received