Book : CRIN

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Language : English

Episode : Child Labor

Publishing Location : Londra

ISSN : 1475-8342

Published Date : Mayıs 2006

Publisher : CRIN Newsletter Child Rights Information Network

Language : Turkish

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 5011


CRIN Newsletter Number 19
Children and Violence
A Study that lives up to children's expectations, by Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro
NGOs pin hopes on Special Representative to give Study long-lasting clout, by Jo Becker
Laying down the law: first reactions to Optional Protocol reports, by jaap Doek
Factfile: Learning from NGO reports, by the NGO Group for the CRC
Corporal punishment beats a retreat, by Peter Newell Factfile: Ending corporal punishment
Making a justice system just for children, by Florence Martin
How to end the violence, by Lena Karlsson and Ravi Karkara
Violence study has the best chance to make a difference where it counts - on the ground, by Carol Bower
Special cases, not double standards, please, by Dick Sobsey
Factfile: Children with disabilities: facts and figures
Overcoming a violent legacy in central Africa, by Ann Birch
The world's religions make a stand, by Chris Dodd